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If you`re a military service member or their family receiving healthcare at a military treatment facility, you might be familiar with TRICARE. TRICARE is the healthcare program for uniformed service members and their families, retirees, and some survivors. It provides comprehensive coverage for medical and dental care, prescription drugs, mental health services, and more.

One of the ways you can make your life easier when it comes to TRICARE is by signing up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments. This allows your medical provider to electronically transfer payments directly to you or your designated bank account. No more waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail!

To start receiving EFT payments, you`ll need to sign a TRICARE EFT Authorization Agreement. This agreement authorizes your medical provider to set up EFT payments and outlines the terms and conditions of the service.

Before signing the agreement, it`s important to review the terms carefully. Make sure you understand when payments will be made, how they will be transferred, and what fees (if any) are associated with the service. You`ll also need to provide your bank account information, so double-check that you`re entering the correct numbers!

Once you`ve reviewed the agreement and are ready to sign up for EFT, you can download the TRICARE EFT Authorization Agreement form from the TRICARE website. You`ll need to fill out the form with your personal information, including your name, phone number, and social security number, as well as your bank account information.

After completing the form, you`ll need to send it to your medical provider. They will then verify your information and set up EFT payments for you.

Overall, signing up for TRICARE EFT payments can save you time and hassle when it comes to receiving healthcare payments. Just make sure to review the terms carefully and double-check your bank account information before submitting the authorization agreement form.